It has been a hectic couple of weeks! The reception for Science Species Lab two Fridays ago was a great success, attended by some very curious artists and appreciators. In keeping with our goal to re-imagine our space with each exhibition, Vanessa, Anneliese, and Craig completely exceeded my expectations with full-blown installations.

My favorite email I received earlier this week: Last Thursday, after visiting the Arts Council with my kids, they came home and talked to their Dad on the phone because he was working late that night. What did they share about their day? All about Science Species Lab. They were so excited about walking through bags of water, plastic wrap that was melted and shaped, lettuce heads with toothpicks, and twisted, melted felt. Both Jasper and Livija were talking at once, rushing to beat the other with detailed descriptions. I can't think of a better way of building the next generation of artists and patrons of the arts.

Thanks Jasper, Livija, and KD!

Above: Vanessa Vobis, Anneliese Vobis, Craig Dietrich. "Radiolarian Ooze" and "Crystal World", 2009. Mixed media.