Coming up at ArtSpace404: Illuminated Architecture II

Illuminated Architecture II is an all-encompassing environment of light and sound. Through applications of projected pattern, color, and auditory stimulus, artist Michael McGinnis constructs an installation that explores our interpretations and interactions with the physical space around us. Illuminated Architecture defines movement and time, engaging viewers by allowing them to enter the work/space and demonstrating the theatrical possibilities in fine art.

The site-specific nature of Illuminated Architecture contradicts the common notion that art is “precious” –precious by way of price, acquisition, or in its intention to be experienced by the public through viewing. As an installation, Illuminated Architecture encourages audience participation, contemplation, and engagement through contact and immersion with the space itself. The “work” only exists for the length of the exhibition, highlighting its transience and ephemerality, leaving audiences with experience as the sole takeaway. Through Illuminated Architecture, McGinnis maintains the philosophy that “Installation, like life, is about experience –not accumulation.”

Above: Michael McGinnis. "Maze Drawing", 1970. Pen on paper.