November 6 - December 11, 2009

ArtSpace404 is pleased to conclude its 2009 exhibition year with Essensual Exchanges: Field Notes on the Confluence of Land + Water in Sonoma County, as a continuation in its mission to present contemporary and experimental art exhibition to the community.

Essensual Exchanges is an intimate and experimental investigation examining the natural world of water, plant and land systems in Sonoma County. Artists Sasha Duerr, Corey Hitchcock and Catherine Richardson create individual and collaborative chorography through emphatic and intuitive connections to potent places. Each artist presents her field notes and particular methods of mapping, tracking and relation to the local terrain, mirroring the intricacies of the landscape in their visual works.

About the Artists

With an MFA in Textiles from California College of the Arts, Sasha Duerr works with organic dyes, alternative fibers, and studies the creative reuse of materials. Her work is a cross-pollination of textiles with a consideration and sensitivity towards environmental systems inspired by ecological principles found in permaculture. Duerr also works with regenerative design for food, clothing, and shelter. Her installations and textiles investigate nature and nurture, and are dyed with a revival of nontoxic, organic, place-based recipes. In 2007, Duerr founded Permacouture Institute with the Trust for Conservation Innovation to encourage the exploration of fashion and textiles from the ground up. Duerr's extensive work with plant-based dyes and ecological principles through local-based sources and community informs her art and practice. Her first book Cultivating Color will be released in fall of 2010.

San Francisco native Corey Hitchcock holds an MFA from John F. Kennedy University and currently resides in Sonoma County. Hitchcock's work in drawing, painting, and printmaking for which she received the 2002 Cadogan/Murphy Fellowship Awards, now serve as "blueprints" for her interactive installation projects. Her work explores the cosmological mysteries relating to the relationship between man and reality. Hitchcock's interdisciplinary work earned her a residency at The LAB where her work and studies culminated in an exhibition of "The Wicked Engine of Connected Desire", a social wculpture and performance piece. Hitchcock is a member of the artist collaborative The B Club - an collaborative group of five artists working collectively on mail-based art and site specific projects.

Originally from the Dales and Moors of Yorkshire, England, Catherine Richardson currently resides in Sonoma County. The contours, open spaces, and stone walls in England provided early exploratory interest in and a direct experience with the land. Her relocation to America provided clarity in the understanding that land-spaces were the invitation for a life-long dialogue and an interface for creative realms. Sonoma County now serves as a constant point of reference and site for inspiration in her work. Richardson is a recipient of the 2006 Sonoma County Artist Awards for Emerging Visual Artists and holds an MFA from John F. Kennedy University. She is a member of The B Club artist collaborative.