Although the Chorography workshop was canceled, here are some snapshots from Saturday's Sonoma Local Color workshop More photos on Facebook if you're feeling curious! Thanks to Sasha + Catherine for the incredible, lovely, and completely inspiring workshop!!

Above: Rainwater collected by Catherine Richardson for workshop use! To the right, a bucket of walnuts for possible dying.

Above: Sasha preps raw olives and fennel for two separate dye baths. To the right, a dye bath made of Japanese maple.

Above: Workshop attendees practicing the age-old art of shibori. From left to right: Allegra, Stephanie, Telisa, Nicole, Samantha, Heidi, and Fred.

Above: Shibori fabric samples soaking in soapy water using bamboo skewers and rubber bands.

Above: Materials galore! To the right, Stephanie's braided wool roving, typically used for felting processes.