Curator Statement by Cameron Kelly

The Bay Area has a particular history of both political activism and an astute awareness of the increasingly negative effects of convenience driven commodity production and consumption. So it was really no surprise, upon entering a two-year Master of Fine Arts Program at California College of the Arts, that I would be surrounded by like-minded artists who are committed to practices that are both conceptually rigorous and environmentally conscientious. The artists featured in (Re)Consider represent some of my colleagues who not only share these concerns, but also utilize intensive handiwork in their production. This unwavering attention to the finest details require a certain shift of pace and necessitates a slowness and patience uncommon in an increasingly technologically driven society. The exhibition also combats social conventions of waste by showcasing work that infuses new life and preciousness into what is generally perceived as unusable and disposable.

When I was offered this exhibition at ArtSpace404, I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to curate the work of some of my favorite artists and closest friends at CCA. Thank you Julia, Alicia, Amy, and Ahna for your dedication to this project - it has been an honor to work alongside you! I would like to extend a special thank you to ArtSpace404 Exhibition Director, Nicole Lee for the kind of collaborative working relationship one can only hope for. I would also like to thank Matthew Post for his diverse resources and consistently insightful writing, and Sally Szwed for all of her curatorial advice, assistance, and wit.

Cameron Kelly