FAQs at AS404
Visitor: What is Michael McGinnis' Superplexus?!
Me: A 3-dimensional labyrinth in a spherical structure.
Visitor: What does that mean exactly?
Me: In other words, Superplexus can be rotated in order to move an internal ball-bearing from start to finish. Think common labyrinth, but 3-dimensional.

Visitor nods, eyes vacant, polite smile forming.

In an effort to better explain Superplexus, I've included a pic (see above) of Superplexus from last week's visit to Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Having had a go at this enormous labyrinth, I can assure you that my self-confidence in puzzle solving has decreased dramatically. Despite my apparent inability to think 3-dimensionally, I strongly encourage you to try your hands at this completely unique game!