Although the Chorography workshop was canceled, here are some snapshots from Saturday's Sonoma Local Color workshop More photos on Facebook if you're feeling curious! Thanks to Sasha + Catherine for the incredible, lovely, and completely inspiring workshop!!

Above: Rainwater collected by Catherine Richardson for workshop use! To the right, a bucket of walnuts for possible dying.

Above: Sasha preps raw olives and fennel for two separate dye baths. To the right, a dye bath made of Japanese maple.

Above: Workshop attendees practicing the age-old art of shibori. From left to right: Allegra, Stephanie, Telisa, Nicole, Samantha, Heidi, and Fred.

Above: Shibori fabric samples soaking in soapy water using bamboo skewers and rubber bands.

Above: Materials galore! To the right, Stephanie's braided wool roving, typically used for felting processes.

December 11, 12pm-3pm at ArtSpace404
Workshop Cost $20 (includes materials)

While you and yours are prepping for a delicious holiday meal, save the date for another workshop hosted by Corey Hitchcock! Corey teaches guests to learn a new way of "mapping" their experiences of the land by creating visual maps based on one's experiences, insights and memories. Space is limited, so RSVP asap!
December 5, 10:30pm-12:30pm at ArtSpace404
Workshop Cost $35 (includes materials)

Artists Sasha Duerr and Catherine Richardson host a natural dye + rainwater harvesting workshop! Some of the collaborative workshops and events that Sasha has hosted in the past are Sheep and Weeds and Dinner to Dye For (courtesy of Ashley Helvey). Those of you who've attended Sasha's events in the past know to sign up pronto as space is limited and will fill up fast! More info on the flyer above.

Need something tangible to sink your teeth into? Check out "Dinner to Dye For" below:

Not wine, ART! Sonoma County, often regarded and revered for its more than prevalent wine scene, is also home to many talented artists. University Art Gallery at Sonoma State University celebrates its untapped student talent in the Juried Student Exhibition, which is on view November 5 - December 13. This year's professional jurors are Kate Eilersten, Executive Director at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and Chester Arnold, artist and Professor of Art at College of Marin.

Above: Amy Hoeck. "Donuts". Oil on wood panel.

I'm always curious about new ways to present work whether it's in a gallery or in my own home. And by work, I mean anything from the more formal understanding of fine art to the casual minutia of everyday living. We "install" our belongings based on convenience and available space typically with an underlying aesthetic governing our decisions. In doing so, our home, desk, closet, and even our bags speak more about our personalities than we think.

The above image is of Come Darkness - a small collection of art at chelliswilson in Maine curated by Maria Alexandra Vettese. It effectively showcases the sophistication of professional curation in the seamless transition from one object to the next in tone and color, but also seems so reminiscent of home.

What's even more fun? You can inspect each item HERE as your mouse peruses the wall and table onscreen.
Thanks to all those who came out to the Essensual Exchanges reception at ArtSpace404 last Friday! Special thanks to our soon-to-be neighbors Sift Cupcakery for the beautiful cupcakes! Checkout more photos of guests at Facebook, and stay tuned for upcoming workshops to be hosted at ArtSpace404 by the three featured artists. More on that soon.

Above: Catherine Richardson presents her installation "Tracing Evapouration" to guests. "Tracing Evapouration". Plastic bowls, tissue paper, cement, wood, cotton fabric, and traces of plant "teas".

Essensual Exchanges Opening Reception
Friday, November 6, 5pm-7pm

Opening reception TONIGHT! Defy the dreary rain and come to ArtSpace404 for wine, hors d'oeuvres, and incredible work and installations by artists Sasha Duerr, Corey Hitchcock, and Catherine Richardson. More enticement needed? Our neighbors Sonoma County Museum and Phantom Gallery are also hosting receptions and events this evening -all of which are free, open to the general public, and within walking distance of one another. No excuses!